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Blue Train

18 May
I just had a moment’s notice to capture this locomotion. As I’m just old fashioned and a lazy bird I won’t tell which way it’s going.

Building a legacy

5 May

Here is the eastern end of Jameson Street with the canopy of the now empty BHS store that used to shelter those waiting for buses. Where once there was a steady stream of cars, buses and people, the very arterial blood of any city, there is now yet another bland, pedestrianised desert. 

When a shop stops selling stuff and the doors close and the “for sale” signs spring up (redevelopment opportunity, of course) this is when the cover up operation starts. In swoops the council or whoever and City of Culture posters festoon the empty windows and doors. It all looks so professional, they’ve obviously had a lot of experience in this. So the empty BHS store is no longer a salutary lesson in the failure of modern business but has somehow become a bright blue advertisement for Culture and that is some sort of legacy I suppose.

Now I’ve gone on about this mosaic thing before and how there was a petition to get it some protection from any future wrecker’s ball. Well it seems there yet another petition to get it Grade 2 listed. As you simply cannot have too many petitions I signed that as well; you may like to do so it’s here. The mural now has a Twitter identity (@BhsMuralHull)  and I read recently of a young person who had a tatoo based on the mosaic. Now that is truly a lasting legacy.

The Weekend in Black and White is here.

Tasty in blue

30 Apr

Hooray, hooray the first of May outdoor eating starts today …
Today’s first of the month thingummy at City Daily Photo is “Let’s Eat!” Pop over there to see what others have cooked up.

Hurrah for Bluebells and Kopparberg!

22 Apr

To celebrate St George, the patron saint of England, Englishness and all that goes with it, what could be more fitting, I thought, than some some nice Spanish bluebells and an empty bottle of Swedish cider (mixed fruit, of course!)… there are always those who see this day as a chance to sit in the pub and drink ale, how very un-English!

Margot took the bluebell photo; she has a knack for finding litter lying around, well she found me….

A slight difference of opinion

19 Apr

I couldn’t go to the seaside and not take a picture of seagulls, well actually Margot took this but that’s just nit picking.

The parliament that England is the mother to has just voted for an election by 522 to 13. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all in favour of elections, have one every year (a la Chartism) if you will. Vote early, vote often is my motto. No, what boils my renal filtrate is the continual news media banging on, speculating, asking the same old same old rubbish of the same old so-called experts and commentators over and over and over and over for six whole goddam weeks. (I know other places have it much, much worse but that’s their problem) It should be the law that the news people announce the election and then STFU about it.

You might think that there is some subtle visual pun about the gullibility of the electorate in this picture, you might very well think that but I couldn’t possibly comment.

A Seaside Terrace

6 Apr

Hard now to imagine the thousands who came to Bridlington for their annual holiday but the evidence of their visitations lies in these typical seaside lodging houses and hotels. This one has six storeys and all were no doubt priced accordingly. I’ll take a wild guess that it was built in 1878. In those days holidays were unpaid and in the north of England whole towns would take a week off at one time, the Wakes Week,  and all would descend by train on the seaside; there was nowhere else to go. Nowadays everyone goes off on their own little adventure to the Med or Bali or California or where ever a plane can fetch up and these old places have become rented apartments not necessarily to the highest calibre of clientèle. Some seaside towns, not Bridlington especially,  have attracted the unemployed, and possibly unemployable, the homeless, folks with mental health problems, former prisoners and so on. I say ‘attracted’ some might say these people have been deliberately dumped on these places, cheap and out of the way. Naturally this is  bringing attendant social, drug and criminal problems. So though the sky is still blue and sea and the sand are just the same we’ve come a long way from the days of the bucket and spade holiday makers with their kiss-me-quick hats and sticks of rock.

Big Blue Octopus

3 Apr

We set off to Bridlington under cold grey skies with showers of rain but arrived to clear blue skies and sunshine and quite warm really for April. I was looking around for something new to show and this kind of grabbed my attention. The legs wave about in a manner that would be menacing if it wasn’t twenty foot off the ground.  It’s part of pirate themed amusement arcade; well they call it amusement.