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Black and White and Colour

1 Mar

So that’s the end of Winter as the meteorologists would have us believe and what a warm wimpy Winter that was. Anyhow on this Saint David’s day the good folk at City Daily Photo want as their theme black and white in colour so here’s what’s best described as the backside of a lecture theatre with a nice daffodil yellow sign to show it’s not monochrome after all.

Paint it black

16 Sep

You might think that being in the unfortunate position of having to board up a window to protect it from hoopleheads and gopniki that you had done enough to safeguard your property. You might think that but you would be making the rookie mistake of forgetting the petty pen pushers who work for the Council’s Environmental Crime Unit (a group of mendacious ninnies who pick on the poorest and ignore the rich, t’was ever thus). They will sooner or later come upon your works and inform you that this is far from adequate; you must “Paint it black” or face an enforcement order so to do! Yes a good lick of black gloss it seems is the sine qua non of window protection.

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Paint it black

25 Sep

This cute little black house is on Lairgate in Beverley. Nice of someone to park a car in front for some added reflections.
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