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Looking out

1 Dec

Here’s our Jack who was just idling staring as cats are wont to do when a racing pigeon landed on the windowsill. I don’t know who was more surprised. Pigeons are supposed to fly straight home aren’t they? This one stopped around for a few days before going on its way (at least I hope it did and the cat didn’t catch up with it!). It’s not a particularly good shot of either the cat or the pigeon but it does show what a jungle the garden gets in Summer and the windows could do with a clean.

It’s the first of the month and the City Daily Photo theme is ‘Looking Out’. You can see what others have done with this here.

Cat on a cool car roof

25 Oct

This cool black cat saw me from a distance and kept staring straight through me in the way cats do. Seemed only reasonable to take his picture. The church reflected is Driffield church.