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Media morte in vita sumus

11 Jun

This old tree, I think it’s a lime tree, is huge, not tall particularly but wide; some of its branches must be forty or fifty foot long. And by all that is right and proper it should be dead. Quite apart from this massive gash where a branch has fallen off, three quarters of its branches  are clearly dead and bare. The saprophytic fungi have moved in already. And yet … and yet there are still leaves sprouting from  a few branches. Clearly not going to gentle into that goodnight.
The weekend in black and white is here.

Hazy with buttercups

10 Jun

I made a brief sojourn to Beverley Westwood on a hazy June day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many buttercups. The cattle that roam about this place must have read that buttercups are poisonous and are carefully avoiding them …

A little rustic diversion

21 Nov

These old straw bales lie, or rather, lay since this was taken yonks ago, somewhere alongside the bridle path between Cottingham and Beverley.

The weekend in black and white is here.

A little late colour

5 Nov

And while I was on the Westwood I thought I may as well take some more Autumnal pictures. This Autumn has been a particularly colourful one in these parts with many trees holding their leaves still in the first week of November. I suspect that after the unsettled weather forecast for later today though most will be stripped. It’s going to be a very soggy Bonfire Night.

I’m experimenting with slightly larger images, don’t know if I like them.

Persistent parking problem

4 Nov

So, back to see that old tree again and, well, as you can see the roadside is still one big car park. These are not day-trippers enjoying the scenery or taking the dog for a walk but long-stay people working in town or on the redevelopment of the Westwood Hospital nearby. The problem is Beverley either lacks sufficient parking spaces or is charging too much (is £5.40 for all day too much? I don’t know; I don’t drive) and there is no such thing as a Park and Ride scheme (a what now?). So increasing numbers choose to leave their motors on the common for nowt causing damage to the verges and generally making place looking a lot like a car park. Well all that is about to change as the Pasture Masters, who run the Westwood (it’s an ancient throwback thing), are putting up signs and expect the police to enforce parking restrictions. Now Humberside Police has recently been branded “inadequate” and as “failing to provide a quality service to the public” I wouldn’t expect too much from them, but it’s good to live in hope. If this doesn’t work they could always try charging (£10 per day obviously); on the ‘if you can beat them, join them’ principle

It’ll be all right on the night …

3 Nov

These pictures, taken on Friday, show the intense effort to get things ready for today’s grand opening of the Flemingate complex, shall we call it a complex or centre, well whatever. By intense I mean, of course, standing around talking in little groups, that always seems to get things done, I’ve found.
They’ve avoided going for the steel and glass architecture of so many new shopping malls and instead gone for the bricks everywhere approach in keeping with the style of the town. The resulting facades are just a tad dull, uninspiring and somewhat disappointing in my humble opinion, others may think it’s wonderful.
Will this development bring in loads of customers flocking to the “under-retailed” town? Will the shops in the old town suffer as footfall flees to the wrong side of the tracks? Can these retail outlets survive in the era of ordering stuff from online warehouses? Don’t look at me, what do you think I am psychic?

Clearly it’s not all finished just yet.

Oh look! Somebody doing some work!

This hotel puts me in mind of a place of detention.


2 Nov

From the 12th century wool was being exported from Beverley and in return traders from Flanders set up home and shop in  the area to the east of the Minster by the beck. The area became known as Flammengaria and later Flemingate. It is quite possibly the oldest street in Beverley. Fast forward a few hundred years and a narrow lane intended for horse drawn or, more likely ox-drawn wagons, is to be a main way-in to the new Flemingate development. There’s big stores, a cinema, an hotel, 130 new houses, a brand new college and a 500 space car park. It opens tomorrow so not surprisingly there’s a mad rush to get the roadworks finished on time, this picture taken on Friday. Will this old thoroughfare cope with all that extra traffic? I’m saying nothing …