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It’s been yonks …

2 Jan

… since I posted anything.

The new year sees Hull and all things Hully still much the same. Be assured you haven’t missed anything.


The Tower

2 Oct

I’ve shown this former cinema before but so long ago that a revisit is almost obligatory. The place has had many uses it is now a night club called Funktion. The domes I’ve learned (and should have remembered but you know how the memory fades with age) are replacements after the originals were removed illegally in 2003ish. I like this place; its designers seemed to have taken as many architectural ornaments as they could carry and stuck them together in a pleasing fashion.

I’ve read that it is equally flash inside. You want a sneeky peek inside? Try this from when the place was closed a few years ago.

Big Blue Beastie

25 Apr

It seems Dope Burger have got a bigger van and it’s hungry. Colourful though it may be it’s parked on a double yellow on Anlaby Road during the rush hour and that’s just wrong on so many levels.
I took this as well from the same place so why not post it …

The Ice House or what’s left …

16 Aug

This is all that remains of the Salvation Army Citadel on Anlaby Road, a crumbling door step. It stood next to the ill famed New York Hotel and was known universally as the Ice House because they had stored ice in it before fridges and what have you. I remember it as a Sally Army charity shop in the mid 1980’s and that moved elsewhere in 1989 and demolition quickly followed but not until the obligatory arson attack. (Hull’s motto: “Burn in haste, bulldoze at leisure!”) The only reasonably good picture I can find of how looked is here though I’m sure there must be many others around. It was registered as a mission hall in 1883 and had seating for 2,500! (Those were the days). During WW2 it became a part-time synagogue for Hull’s Old Hebrew Congregation as their place had been bombed as was the custom in those days. The new place is much smaller but the road on which it stands was renamed Ice House Road just to keep the memory going.

Big Lil

10 Mar
Lillian “Big Lil” Bilocca

The only memories that I have of Hull from my childhood back in the swinging sixties in the idyllic seaside town of Hartlepool is of dock strikes (seemingly every other week), trawlers being lost at sea and a large woman in a headscarf berating all and sundry up to and including the Prime Minister about safety for trawler men. That woman, whose trademark image of the headscarf and raincoat on the grainy black and white TV of the days was really unforgettable, was Lillian Bilocca, who, along with other equally formidable women from the Hessle Road fishing community, managed to get some modicum of safety on the fishing fleet. Trawlers had to have a radio operator, come to that, trawlers had to have a radio, quite a few didn’t. Why did it take a group of women to achieve these things while the men were seemingly invisible? Well that’s a story for someone else to tell.
So what’s all this mural about then I hear you ask? Well someone’s written a book, Headscarf Revolutionaries, about all these goings on and the film rights for the book have been sold so watch out for a Hollywood blockbuster. Then the BBC program, the One Show, got involved and commissioned two fellows from Belfast (where murals like this are two a penny) to come over and paint, well, what you see. It was unveiled, if that’s the word, over last weekend. And I have to say I’m impressed and I don’t impress easy.

Keep on smiling

17 Feb

Also while I was away the Council finally took a big deep breath and blew down the New York hotel, well maybe a JCB was involved, but anyway it’s gone leaving this impressive pile of bricks and dozens of homeless pigeons. The building had only been empty for fifteen years and in a state of terminal decay for nigh on eight so this is really quick stuff from HCC, verging on the impetuous. (maybe I should go away more often) The bill for demolition is thought to be well over £250,000 which the Council thinks it will get back from the owners … I think I know who is smiling after all this.

Dope Burger

16 Jun

Parked up on Midland Street this decorated van belongs to a take away, or rather a fast food restaurant,  by the name of Dope Burger on Anlaby Road. Despite its name, or maybe because of it, the place has rave reviews …