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The next plane to land at platform two …

19 Feb

Somehow a replica model of Amy Johnson‘s plane has ended up in Paragon Station. The cash conscious people at the British Science Museum refused to pay for the original to be smothered in bubble wrap and sent up North. (The hidden message being they thought it might get broken by uncouth Hullians! I don’t know where they might get that idea from.) So, instead,  this was built by inmates of the local prison. What a truly wonderful place this is!


Spells of moths

18 Oct

I did promise not to go hunting for these commemorative glass fibre moths but it seems there’s swarms of the little bleeders so you can’t really avoid them. Each of these monsters is sponsored by some firm or other, the one below by a firm of solicitors and the blingy beast above by the kind folk who brought us all the orange barriers. So praises or brickbats are due to them. If you are at a complete loss as to why these moths are even here at all (and I do sympathise) then it’s all explained here.

More of this please

20 Jul

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that there’s a celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Amy Johnson’s death during WW2. Well to go with the fibre glass moths someone has actually come up with the bright idea of installing some seats and plants around the Amy Johnson statue on Prospect Street. The overnight improvement of this rather drab area is a most welcome addition. Local shops are reporting an increase in trade, people are sitting having a bit of lunch in the welcome shade … makes you wonder why the original seats were removed years ago.

Erm ….

8 Jul

More Amy Johnson nonsense in Zebedee’s Yard.  Clearly I’m not qualified to pass a judgement on this fine and colourful piece; not qualified at all … but just one teensy weensy question; why is there a CND symbol lurking in the background?

A whisper of moths

7 Jul

These decorative blobs that have alighted all over town and elsewhere are supposed to be moths. Yeah, I know, you’d never have guessed. Anyhow it’s from the same deep pool of idiocy that brought us fibre glass toads to celebrate the death of Philip Larkin; this time the death being celebrated is Amy Johnson’s untimely demise in WW2 seventy-five years ago. Nearly sixty of these damn things have been dotted around the place. I’ve spotted about half a dozen so far and I can assure you I’m not going hunting for the rest. Why moths do I hear you ask? (are you still there?) Well she flew a Gypsy Moth plane, geddit? I know; stooopid. If you’re remotely interested in fibre glass lepidoptery there’s a gallery of mothy stuff here.

Amy, wonderful Amy ….

23 Sep
Here’s a Hull heroine, Amy Johnson, captured in Portland stone.In the days when flights to far off places were headline news Amy Johnson was the star, flying off to Australia and South Africa breaking records all the while. In those days before 24 hour news and internet madness this was really big news with huge crowds gathering to see a plane land. I’ve managed to find a video which shows the enthusiasm for aviation in those days and also that English was spoken with terribly clipped vowels sounds almost like a foreign language.

There’s also a song that demonstrates that music was no better then than now.