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The Alley

11 Jan

I showed the pleasures of the far end of this delightful place a while back (OK five years ago, who’s counting?). It looked like this. I don’t think it’ll have changed much since then.
I suppose in the interests of fairness, filling in space and finding something to say when completely out of ideas that the building on the right is reckoned to be one of the most haunted buildings in Hull if not in the whole country. The local rag regularly runs pieces (here’s one) on alleged paranormal happenings, there is apparently an evil force lurking within. Even the police have been called out, I bet they loved that. I guess even Hull has its dull news days (no, no it does, rarely, I admit, but it can be dull in Hull) so these fantastical reports should come as no real surprise. If I was to tell you that you can pay to spend the night there and be scared out of your wits you might think some sort of scam was being played. I couldn’t possibly comment.

Exchange Court

10 Apr

Running off  Lowgate, behind the old court house, Exchange Court is evidence that the court house (now pub/club) was once a public exchange when it was built in 1866. This little alley is home to spiders and red motorbikes. The only business I could find down here was a wealth management company. Wealth? Now what would that be? Vaguely remember the word, but no, sorry, it’s gone….do remind me.

Narrow Racket again

28 Sep

Those with a phenomenal memory will recall that I posted about this oddly named alleyway over four years ago. As I was on Lairgate I thought I’d show it again. Still don’t know why it has that name.

Old town delights

25 Jun

Tourists and other assorted visitors to Hull are often told to stroll around the old town and take in the wonderful ambience of the place. Well come with me as I lead you down Martin’s Alley, a ‘must see’ attraction, gasp at the razor wire, taste the culinary delight left out for any passer-by, marvell at the up-to-date refuse collection and gaze in awe at  the strange signs left lying around to trip up the unwary … I’m sure you’ll feel truly uplifted by this experience, do come and visit again.


2 Jan
Another of the many alleys that make the old town more interesting than the glass and steel new city.

Narrow Racket, Beverley

21 May