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From the top, one more time

23 Mar

Here’s the law courts building once again, this time from the top of the bus heading out to Holderness Road.


The Best Remedy

7 Feb

Quite right! Nothing like putting your feet up with a large G&T (a pint might be pushing it but who’s gonna know?) and letting some cool jazz fill the room … This sign, part of the Larkin Trail, is on the White Hart one of his jaunts for listening to jazz and getting absolutely rat arsed. 

Maritime Buildings

7 Sep

Maritime buildings are on Alfred Gelder Street close by the Guildhall and were actually designed by our old friends Gelder & Kitchen in 1900. The doorway is impressive but could do with some tlc and a good coat of paint. A nearby blue plaque informs us that a goodly portion of Finland’s huddled masses went through Hull on their way to the land of the free and the home of the whatever …

Why not try teaching?

29 Jul
Alfred Gelder Street, Hull
This colourful bicycle advert is for teacher training in Hull (School Centred Initial Teacher Training!) and was one of several around town while the student degrees were being doled out the other week. I suppose if you can make it in Hull then you can make it anywhere. Teaching is not for everyone, and my experience, admittedly many years ago, is that really good teachers are rarer than hen’s teeth. I know I couldn’t do it, at least not without facing manslaughter charges after each lesson! Now I come to look at that bike again it does look a bit bloody …

Tre Kronor

3 Jul
Guildhall, Hull
It’s a little known fact the Hull was once a Swedish city and that there was much trade with that Baltic country in medieval times that continues to this day. This explains the accent of native born Hull folk and also how Hull’s coat of arms has three crowns on it exactly like the Swedish coat of arms and the ever so similar the three crowns over the stadshus of Stockholm. Sweden’s ice hockey team wear three crowns on their shirts as do Hull’s two Rugby League sides. It’s all very sub rosa and embarrassing as the English like to think the king in Kingston upon Hull was an English King when in fact it was one of the Gustavs or maybe a Magnus I forget for the moment. Sadly, or more likely stupidly, wars have been fought over these three damned crowns. Hull’s three crowns are even protected by an Act of Parliament. All this hidden history is so little appreciated that you could say I just made it all up. It’s the heat, Carruthers, the damned heat….
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Real history people have little or no idea about these three crowns either as you can find out here.

That old insipid feeling

26 Apr

I sometimes wonder if there was once a competition to see who could commission the most uninspiring buildings with the winners getting to see their visions of banality in bricks and mortar at the eastern end of Alfred Gelder Street. So bleak is the architectural canvas is that any little gimmick will temporarily dazzle. Here it’s the glass rotunda (if that’s the correct term) and silvered cupola of the Combined Courts building poking up above the skyline. It flatters to deceive however as the rest of the building is a mish-mash of styles designed to portray the majesty of the Law and failing. 

Council Waste

16 Jan

In days of yore when town councils could raise their own taxes without interference from a very fat man in Whitehall it was considered essential that every last detail of the council’s main building, the Guildhall, should reflect the greater glory of the city of Hull. So it came about that even the very drain pipes had a cast iron triple crowned putto to show the world what a true city of culture it once thought it was. 
The weekend in black and white is here.