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Distant Bridge

18 Aug

I mentioned yesterday that they’d built a big bridge up the road from the ferry terminus, well ‘up the road’ is really five miles as the crows flies. Mind you, if you can fly like a crow then you don’t really need a bridge … It’s not allowed to be dull in Hull, we have gloom instead.

Stable door

5 Feb
Albert Dock at high tide
As the horse goes clip-clopping down the street those who ought to have known better have come to the astonishing conclusion that the stable door was open all along. Oh yes, they say in what is called an official investigation into the floods of last year, the Albert Dock defenses were the lowest in the city and yes, they couldn’t lock the gates because the tidal force would have buckled the gates but the flood would have happened any way as there was too much water. So to close the stable door temporary flood defenses are been piled up along the dock and a permanent fix has been brought forward by two years [ 1 ]. Let’s hope old man river will wait that long.

Weakest Link

22 Dec

Exceptional conditions show up the vulnerable spots in any defense. So it was earlier this month when the highest tide ever recorded breached Hull’s defenses at this spot by the Albert Dock. There’s local dispute as to whether or not the dock gates failed but what is known is that the dock quay was overtopped by a couple of feet and water rushed across town as far as Ferensway. There’s another predicted spring tide round about New Year’s Day, let’s hope there’s no low pressure system wandering down the North Sea at that time.


30 May

Here the high rise delights of Anlaby Road’s hinterland punctuate the sky with a gentle toxic glow in the evening sunshine. From this distance it doesn’t look too bad but this is probably as close as you’d want to get. It’s rumoured people pay rent and taxes for the privilege of living in these places I find that difficult to believe. The über observant amongst you will have noticed that the boat in the foreground is HMS Explorer which I posted about before.

More Gloom

11 Feb

A nice bit of gloom over Albert Dock. Those with good vision will be able to pick out the Humber Bridge stretching away in the distance. The small bridge in the centre carries the public footpath up and along the top of the buildings on the left as I mentioned in a previous post here.

P & O x 2

11 Jun
Did you know that over a million passengers use the port of Hull every year? No, nor did I. P & O have ferries to Zeebrugge and Rotterdam. The ferry terminal is way over in east Hull so everyone has to go through the city to get where they want to be.
Here’s two totally different shots of roughly the same scene.

A not so dull day in Hull

17 May
Wind! Hull is set on making a living out of wind power. The council earlier this week gave planning permission for a massive wind turbine construction site on a disused dock. If Siemens actually do what they say they want to do then this will greatly change Hull’s prospects [ 1 ]. There’s talk of thousands of jobs, many of them skilled engineering jobs. But so far it’s still just talk and with the way things stand in Europe at the moment it’s probably wiser not to plan too far ahead.
Here, however, is something more tangible. Here’s a support platform for the Lincs Wind Farm being built off the Lincolnshire coast. It’s being fitted up at the Albert dock. I showed you this on that dull day in Hull. Pure ignorance on my part to call it a drilling rig.