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Life’s no fun without …

30 Sep

… City Daily Photo’s theme days. This month’s is ‘Sensual‘ …


Meet the neighbours

21 Sep

I don’t know about you but I often watch adverts and wonder what mind altering substance was involved in their creation. So it is with this beguiling invitation for a student accommodation business near the University. What were they taking? And can I have some?
Margot took this delightful photo.

Sign something simple

15 May

You can’t have a year long bean fest without some promotion and as with all advertising the less you mention the product the better. Whoever was paid a no doubt substantial fee to come up with these instantly forgettable catch lines has learnt that lesson well… Here’s a couple of the many enigmatic messages festooning the town.  When I’m bored I might post some more.

Building a legacy

5 May

Here is the eastern end of Jameson Street with the canopy of the now empty BHS store that used to shelter those waiting for buses. Where once there was a steady stream of cars, buses and people, the very arterial blood of any city, there is now yet another bland, pedestrianised desert. 

When a shop stops selling stuff and the doors close and the “for sale” signs spring up (redevelopment opportunity, of course) this is when the cover up operation starts. In swoops the council or whoever and City of Culture posters festoon the empty windows and doors. It all looks so professional, they’ve obviously had a lot of experience in this. So the empty BHS store is no longer a salutary lesson in the failure of modern business but has somehow become a bright blue advertisement for Culture and that is some sort of legacy I suppose.

Now I’ve gone on about this mosaic thing before and how there was a petition to get it some protection from any future wrecker’s ball. Well it seems there yet another petition to get it Grade 2 listed. As you simply cannot have too many petitions I signed that as well; you may like to do so it’s here. The mural now has a Twitter identity (@BhsMuralHull)  and I read recently of a young person who had a tatoo based on the mosaic. Now that is truly a lasting legacy.

The Weekend in Black and White is here.

Big Blue Beastie

25 Apr

It seems Dope Burger have got a bigger van and it’s hungry. Colourful though it may be it’s parked on a double yellow on Anlaby Road during the rush hour and that’s just wrong on so many levels.
I took this as well from the same place so why not post it …

The Vacuous Nonsense

20 Jan

As part of the cultural bonanza currently being spread like field manure, hither and yon, several advertising hoardings around town are to be taken over for what is termed Art. Now I know art is not meant to mean anything so this is clearly qualifies as art, a house, a car like thing and Rudolph the reindeer suddenly discovering who has been sworn in as 45th president of the US of A. A whole year of this fap crap, oh how wonderful!

Quite Gratuitous

13 Dec

Well now there’s  Margot saying the other day “Oh that’ll be removed in a day or so”. “What?” says I. “The bare backsides advertising a student accommodation agent” says herself. “The what now? Surely not …” says I in all innocence. “Oh! … I see what you mean” …
And there’s more; there’s two gentlemen with their trousers around their ankles and the “Your place or mine?” tagline … and all this on staid old Newland Avenue. There’s not be such goings on since a dominatrix was boarded up in a massage parlour a couple of years back.
Now I don’t mind a bit of smutty innuendo now and then I mean it’s so full of, well, do I need to draw you a picture?. But not everyone, it seems, shares my view which is perhaps just as well. So cue the obligatory social media indignation from the PC (Puritanical Claptrap) brigade, the perennially silly and ever available for a quote MP for North Hull up on her hind legs with Tweets about “sleaze” and “brothels” and “portrayals of sex acts” (such a dirty mind she must have). And the cries of it objectifying women (but not men, note) and “will no-one think of the children” (who see far more and worse on their computers and phones before breakfast) etc etc etc. Those who wished to be offended were duly offended which is as it should be and they are no doubt smugly content.
Anyhow the accommodation agency have “organised the immediate removal of the images” but not so immediate that I was unable to take a leisurely stroll back down Newland Avenue to refresh my memory and verify my facts as it were.