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The C word

21 Nov

I suspect there may be a few sore heads this morning in Hull after the announcement that the city was to be awarded the City of Culture thingy. Never being one to shy away from pouring cold water on things it occurs to me that with one hand the Government has taken away from the city over £40 million in cuts to grants (things are so bad that the Council cannot afford to run elections next year) while with the other it (via various agencies see below) doles out a special “treat” of £12 million to be paid three years hence. The old phrase to lose a shilling and find a penny springs to mind.
Today’s picture shows an overnight installation that appeared on the Adelphi Club (a place that will no doubt gain from this Culture dosh). It’s meant to be a culture bomb about to explode and no doubt shower us all in the C word. Expect three more years of this c…

I like many others assumed that this money was to come from the government. Not a bit of it. In the next three years the city of culture people have to raise £12 million (or is it £15 million? the figure keeps changing) from sponsorship and national lottery money. This being the case the presence of a government minister in all this becomes even stranger.