152 & 154 Hessle Road

22 Aug

In the late 19th century a businessman by the name of William Henry Franklin seeing the need for shoes and boots in the boom town of Hull set up the fabulously named Public Benefit Boot and Shoe Company to go with this glorious moniker the company’s logo was a horse drawn boot. This building designed by our old friend Alfred Gelder’s company in 1896 was one of several stores in Hull in what had become a national chain. For what was effectively just a shoe shop it is a tad grand in the Flemish Renaissance Revival style. I note the ornate decoration above the first floor windows is only on one side which I find rather pleasing, can’t be having too much frippery. It is, of course, grade 2 listed. It still sells boots though not for the public benefit needless to say.
I took me a walk down Hessle Road and along the way took a shed load of pictures so the next few days, possibly weeks, will feature this  part of town which was the centre of the fishing community in Hull, unless something better crops up or I get bored.


One Response to “152 & 154 Hessle Road”

  1. William Kendall August 22, 2017 at 11:04 pm #

    Grand for a shoe store's origins. I do like the architecture.

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