What lurks behind the Brexit mask?

29 Mar

So the day after the so called Scotland Parliament demands (I like that: a jumped county council making demands of the UK government) it has a second independence referendum (no chance Jimmy! You blew that the first time round ) and the same day as effective direct rule begins in Northern Ireland the Prime Minister writes a Dear John letter to Mr Tusk saying so long and thanks for all the fishing quotas… So yes at long last the very welcome two year divorce proceedings with the EU begin with all the necessary pleasantries and crocodile tears … Expect the unexpected is my best guess for the near future.
The mask I found in a joke shop some four or more years ago I thought it might come in useful for scaring little children; if you don’t like it I have another …

One Response to “What lurks behind the Brexit mask?”

  1. William Kendall March 29, 2017 at 9:00 pm #

    It's going to be ugly, and of course Boris and Nigel buggered off rather than deal with the consequences.

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