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Lifting the lid

29 Sep

I’ve noticed two or three of these pan mixers, as I believe they’re called, dotted around the town centre; always with this web-like lid lifted up and always standing idle. 

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Pleased as Punch

28 Sep

Here’s a detail from the ornate exterior of the Punch Hotel on Queen Victoria Square. As the lord of misrule this figure has no doubt been observing the ongoing utter chaos of  the renovation of the town centre with some glee. That’s the way to do it!

The simple way to get a parking ticket

28 Sep

It’s that time of year gain when prospective debt slaves otherwise known as students turn up for the start of yet another academic year. And for their entertainment there are a few places of nocturnal delight (so they say) and they advertise their wares just outside the University entrance. Now the observant among you may have noticed the small sign informing that parking is limited to two hours and no return within three. Well the top two pictures I took yesterday and it seems these vans just stay there all day for the first week of term. Now that’s just asking for trouble which duly arrived today in the form of a parking enforcement officer who probably couldn’t believe his luck. Neither could I as happened to be passing on the bus this afternoon.

Wearing white for Hallowe’en

27 Sep

Endyke Lane Dove House charity shop is gearing itself up for Hallowe’en with this appealing twosome.

Margot took this with her phone as we’d left the camera at home on the grounds that “there’s nothing to photograph on Endyke Lane”. Hmmmph

You might want to be that-a-way →

26 Sep

These compelling signs are at the butt end of Londesborough Street close that special track to the football stadium. What’s the deal with the free wood?

On this day …

25 Sep

“All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs”
                                                                              Enoch Powell on Joseph Chamberlain
Well here’s a blast from the past: Enoch Powell opening the then Western General Hospital on this day fifty three years ago. What can I say that hasn’t been said about this divisive maverick politician regarded as both a prophet (by those of an anti-EU persuasion) and a racist bigot (by those on the left)? I suppose if, like him, you had set your heart on becoming Viceroy of India no less and the Government of the day then grants  India independence then you’ve got little left to  hope  for in life other than to become a somewhat eccentric outsider. He was living proof that great intellectual ability, he had a double first in classics and was a professor of ancient Greek at the ripe old age of 25, is no guarantee of being a sensible human being. The quote at the top of this post applied to him with spades.
If you are still here and  wondering where on earth the Western General Hospital is then wonder no more; they changed its name to the grander sounding  Hull Royal Infirmary sometime short time after this stone was laid. That, I guess, is the nature of human affairs.


24 Sep

Having a grill protecting your window is, as you can see, no real protection at all. This one on Vicar Lane clearly should have had the regulation half inch chip board and mandatory coat of black paint
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