The Ice House or what’s left …

16 Aug

This is all that remains of the Salvation Army Citadel on Anlaby Road, a crumbling door step. It stood next to the ill famed New York Hotel and was known universally as the Ice House because they had stored ice in it before fridges and what have you. I remember it as a Sally Army charity shop in the mid 1980’s and that moved elsewhere in 1989 and demolition quickly followed but not until the obligatory arson attack. (Hull’s motto: “Burn in haste, bulldoze at leisure!”) The only reasonably good picture I can find of how looked is here though I’m sure there must be many others around. It was registered as a mission hall in 1883 and had seating for 2,500! (Those were the days). During WW2 it became a part-time synagogue for Hull’s Old Hebrew Congregation as their place had been bombed as was the custom in those days. The new place is much smaller but the road on which it stands was renamed Ice House Road just to keep the memory going.

One Response to “The Ice House or what’s left …”

  1. William Kendall August 16, 2016 at 9:45 pm #

    Rather sad, I think.

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