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Bucket List

31 Jul

A charity shop in town had this on its wall … I love the slide from slappy-happy into despond.

Margot took this as I was suffering from acute cannot-be-arsedness.

Well you don’t come across a bucket list like this at all in your life and suddenly another one springs up. I found this story in the local rag just after I posted the above.

More of this please

20 Jul

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that there’s a celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Amy Johnson’s death during WW2. Well to go with the fibre glass moths someone has actually come up with the bright idea of installing some seats and plants around the Amy Johnson statue on Prospect Street. The overnight improvement of this rather drab area is a most welcome addition. Local shops are reporting an increase in trade, people are sitting having a bit of lunch in the welcome shade … makes you wonder why the original seats were removed years ago.

Too slow

16 Jul
If you want that slice of tomato off the pavement don’t dawdle or big brother will pinch it from under your beak and leave you chasing shadows. Two young crows were being a bit bold on Holderness Road the other day, even trying their luck on some café tables.

Sign of things to come

16 Jul

I’m sure there will be much worse things than this pathetic pun as the detestable City of Culture waddles into town with its own sense of self importance. (“If I don’t like it why don’t I go somewhere else?” What? And miss all the crap?) Meanwhile you’ll be aware of the need to fix the crappy big road that runs through this dump; the date for that has been put back yet again … ’til 2022. Now I’ll give them credit for saying that date will not be coming forward but might (ie definitely will ) go backward even further. Still we have culture (it may be a crap culture but it’s Hull’s very own crap culture, so we’re told), a new Government (it may be a crap government but it’s our very own crap Government, so we’re told), a way out of Europe’s crappy clutches (ha ha ha watch this space, this may be the funniest thing yet ) and we should be grateful for small mercies … yes I’m having a crappy day.

The Lighted Doorway

13 Jul

I took this back in December and somehow forgot about it. This is the Venn building at the University, in daylight it looks like this.

Without Compromise

12 Jul

I’m not so sure I entirely fancy the idea of a retirement without compromise …

This is what is being built with the big crane I showed the other day.

The Real Sea of Hull

9 Jul

It’s been estimated that over 63,400 tonnes of sediment are deposited in the Humber every year. These range from gravels and sand through to fine clays and it these clays that give the Humber its characteristic brown soup appearance. Now a talentless American attention seeking photographer, on a commission from the fools and knaves who run the Ferens, wanted people to strip naked, be painted as the colours of the sea and spread themselves on the streets of the town. I suppose a wall of shitty brown humanity pouring down Alfred Gelder Street would have been such a drag and something of a public relations disaster. No wonder then that green-blue was the chosen colour. But when the North Sea eventually does flow down the streets of Hull (as it will, again) I doubt it will be turquoise or stop to pose for photographs.  ‘Humankind cannot bear very much reality’ as someone other American once said.