Another day, another plan, another slogan

21 Apr

This is a slogan of the  property development company, Wykeland, eager to make a buck out of redeveloping the old Fruit Market and its surroundings. It is part of a slick marketing operation to sell the (£80 million) plans for not just a hundred or so new homes but a whole ‘urban village’ lifestyle whatever that may be. Well, judging by the company video, what it appears to be is people of a certain age (no older than 27, I’d guess) giggling, drinking coffee, giggling, drinking more coffee, giggling more  (presumably all that coffee sets off a giggle reflex) and so on as they live, work and play and their money pours into the coffers of Wykeland.
The video, so I’m informed, was shot in Shoreditch and Southwark in London as well as in Hull. Those places may well be able to support an ‘urban village’ lifestyle being situated in the middle of one of the greatest and richest urban populations in the world. The old Fruit Market is surrounded by water on three sides and the hell that is Castle Street on the other and is a crusty pimple on the bottom of one of the poorest cities in Britain. It will be interesting to see if the project gets off the ground. 
On a lighter note, if you are into meaningless slogans such as the one above, check out the mind blowing one below. Well D’oh!

One Response to “Another day, another plan, another slogan”

  1. melissa gaffney April 22, 2016 at 1:05 pm #

    This has been very interesting to read your opinions. I've been writing a report on Hull as UKCC for University and it's been very helpful reading your blog. Keep up the work.

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