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Hooray, hooray, It’s the first of May …

30 Apr

Cats rely a lot on smelling things out, so I’m told. You’ve met Bruiser before, here he’s pretending to be the great hunter stalking his prey, but it’s just another bowl of his favourite slightly rank roast chicken.
City Daily Photo theme for the first of May is ‘smell’. Go point your nostrils at what others have done here.

Nothing rhymes with …

30 Apr


The local rag, unable to come up with anything newsworthy, pretended to send a reporter out to count the barriers in town. I forget the total, it was something like 3,600 of the little orange darlings. I guess we’ll just have to put up with them, they won’t be here for ever and when they’re gone I bet we’ll miss them. Strange old world …

The Polar Bear

29 Apr

The Polar Bear on Spring Bank has gotten itself a pretty new sign, well it’s new to me. The place seems to have the decorators in at the moment so maybe it’ll reopen soon.
The weekend in black and white is here.

Inappropriate to say the least

28 Apr
Bene qui latuit bene vixit.
So you spend a bit of money buying a lease on a quiet little plot in the General Cemetery, you lay out your dead in simple plain graves with no ostentation and there you might think you’ll lie, without attracting much attention, in perpetuity or at least for the 999 years of your lease. But you had not reckoned with idiots (no better word, well there is but this is a family friendly site) plonking ten foot high signs that are just an insult, a desecration if you would, of the whole ethos of the place. No doubt it’ll have something to do with the pestilence that goes by the name of ‘Culture’ and no doubt a grant will have been obtained to create this vandalism.
I don’t know who is responsible for this and I can find no record of any planning permission being sought or granted so it’s all a bit of a mystery.

A thing from the past

25 Apr

Trawling through some old pictures I came across this from about 2004. I’d totally forgotten about this testament to the welder’s skill that used to be on Scale Lane near where the new swing bridge was (eventually) built. I don’t know what it was, who made it or where it went. Somebody will know, won’t they?

Fracture lines

24 Apr

It’s really not fair, some might say, to juxtapose a broken window with Orchard Park. Orchard Park, the very name conjures up a rural idyll, a place of bucolic bliss. But in reality Orchard Park is home to packs of feral, anti-social, uneducated, despicable untermensch who roam around destroying any last vestige of civilisation…and that’s just the children.
Oh I know other cities have far worse places and OP is not even the worst place in Hull but when they witter on about ‘City of Culture this’ and ‘City of Culture that’ just bear in mind how utterly irrelevant it all is to Orchard Park and the kindred hell holes that surround this place.
Margot took this picture while we waited for a bus to leafy Cottingham, where the snobs live, if we are to believe some Hull Councillors.
The weekend in black and white is here.


23 Apr

In England, on this St George’s Day, down the leafy lanes of Cottingham it  is heartening to find the Bard’s innovative use of language is still finding a voice among the oppressed youth. Innit Blud! (as they often say in these parts)