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Two men in a boat

31 Mar

Here the little coble Harlequin is putting out into relatively calm North Sea to check lobster or crab pots or maybe just for a trip round the bay. If you click on this picture and peer a bit at the horizon you can just about make out some wind generators, these are part of what is going to be the world’s largest offshore wind farm. This will keep the lights on in a million homes just so long as the wind blows.

The theme for City Daily Photo this month is the ‘beauty of simplicity‘.


Deep Blue

30 Mar

Here’s a close-up of the nose-cone of the fish tank cum penguin prison known as the Deep. It’s still pulling in the hoopleheads and last Monday, the bank holidays, queues were over an hour long, despite (or maybe because of) the vile weather. As you can see the weather has cleared up a bit since then.

Highway Maintenance

30 Mar

Those familiar with the current state of the town’s highways may appreciate this unsubtle attempt at visual irony …

Ice cream castles in the air

29 Mar

I’ve taken dozens of these shots down the Humber from this point or nearby. I post this one just because I liked that cloud and for no other reason.

Ice Cream Time?

28 Mar
As the remnants of Storm Katie wander off into the North Sea taking with them the gales, horizontal rain and hail that make a traditional Easter Bank Holiday such a fun day out it’s surely time to enjoy a double whippy ice cream. No? Well, perhaps a hot cup of tea with a little something added to thaw out your bones would be more appropriate.

The perennial gull problem

27 Mar

Or rather the perennial stupid human being problem…. There are several signs by the harbour claiming that gulls are aggressive and so should, on no account, be fed. What a calumny! Gulls are no more aggressive than any other bird. You build a town on their territory, eat your meals outside and wave food about in front of their beaks, quite naturally they think you’re an idiot and swoop down to take a free meal. That’s hardly aggression that’s just taking advantage of human numptiness. And so every Summer there’s outrage at seagulls taking ice-cream out of a tourist’s hands or whatever and just as surely some opportunist politician will pipe up about culling these magnificent, intelligent beasts. (The answer to all our wildlife ‘problems’ it seems is to slaughter the animals. Our badgers are to be culled because our farmers cannot be bothered to immunise their stock against TB or practice good husbandry. There’s no scientific evidence to blame badgers but they’re going to be killed anyway, that’s the weight of the farming lobby on this vile government. But that’s another story) The whingeing ninnies, who go to the seaside maybe once or twice a year, won’t be happy till every last gull is safely in a bin bag, the coast silent and dead, and they can stuff their stupid faces in peace.

The owner of this car, parked by the harbour, will have a hefty cleaning bill but that’s not my problem. Should have known better!

Utter claptrap!

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The Gansey Girl

26 Mar

On the north pier sits this recently installed (October last year) statue, the Gansey Girl, depicting a young woman knitting a traditional jumper or gansey for her fisherman sweetheart. It’s part of the maritime trail which is apparently ten years old; how time flies. The sculptor was Steve Carvill.

I have since found out that the little fishes on the base carry the names of fishing families from Bridlington and nearby. If I’d known I’d have taken a close up but if you zoom in on this picture you might just be able to make out some names.
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