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Non-fluttering Non-dancing

27 Feb

It’s that time of year when I usually post some harbinger of Spring, snowdrops or pussy willow or whatever. This year it’s the little daffodils that the Council or somebody has planted under local street signs. As we’ve not really had any Winter to speak of (again) maybe the coming month will bring us something colder. As the old saying goes February builds bridges, and March breaks them“.

Carry on up the Khyber Pass

26 Feb

Details, details … This little putto romping around with a sickle is according everything I can find an allegory of plenty or of Summer; take your pick. (I’m guessing that there are more similar putti in this series representing the other seasons but we only have the one that I know of.) It is situated in East Park’s Khyber Pass where a bright stainless steel plaque close by informs us that “This “Folly” was originally the site of a copy of an Arab doorway from Zanzibar, used at the entrance to the East African Pavilion at the British Empire Exhibition held in 1928, and later erected in East Park in 1930.” Which is all fine except the the British Empire Exhibition was held in 1924 but that’s a mere detail compared to the claim that the folly was actually built in 1885-88 to commemorate the ‘capture’ (I use the word loosely) of the Khyber Pass by the British Army in the second Afghan War (see here for example). Now I have written in the past that the folly was built from bits of the old Tudor garrison that stood at the mouth of the river Hull. So what’s going on? Well I think there’s a pinch of truth in all these tales. Certainly a turret from the garrison was part of the folly but was moved to Victoria dock. The original Victorian folly must have been added to in the late 1920’s as there was an Arab doorway in the past which has gone who knows where?
Anyhow here’s what that East African Pavilion looked like back in 1924 in Wembley when the sun did not set on the British Folly, sorry Empire.

And here’s the informative plaque

Ooopsy by Hull City Council
The weekend in black and white is here.

Broken window policy

25 Feb
Jarratt Street, Hull
I don’t know how long this quaint window sign has been here but clearly somebody got sick and tired of it … Seems to be a thing in this place, random window breaking that is. A few years ago I had windows broken on multiple occasions, by what could only be described as uneducated subhuman scum, when I lived close by the town centre, they would just pass by, pick up a brick and chuck … who would want to live in such a place and with such ‘people’?

I must have told you about …

24 Feb

You all remember the kiddies’ water play area I showed, ooh ages ago. The one that shuts in Autumn? Yeah that’s the one. Did I ever tell you about the clever guy who designed the sanitation units you see in the background so that they could (and did) leak sewage into the water that Hull’s kiddies were merrily splashing about in? The human waste was then added to by generous contributions from the local bird life that abounds in the canopies of the trees, this is all news to you? Surely I must have told you how dozens were affected by Cryptosporidia? No? I didn’t mention the thousands of pounds of compo the Council have had to pay out? Gosh I can’t think why I haven’t; I must be getting old and forgetful. Oh before I forget even more; the place is now shut down permanently and only the geese and crows play there now. Now, I know for sure I’ve told you how crap the Council is, haven’t I?

I’m ready for my close-up …

23 Feb

Readers with fantastic memories may recall my pathetic attempts to photograph the Goosanders that visit East Park most Winters. Usually they stay out of range of my camera. This time they were practically waiting to have their portraits taken. Only too happy to oblige.

The RSPB claims there are 12,000 pairs of these birds in the UK in Winter. This guy however was more like the MC in Cabaret with his two ladies … Und he’s the only man. Beedle dee, dee dee dee

You’re going the wrong way

22 Feb
Another helpful sign, this one on Castle Street.

As the town’s traffic problems continue in the usual manner, (somehow Fridays are block-up-the-town days, verb sap to any visitors from out of town) a councillor was reported in the local rag as saying that there things were only going to get worse. It was he said “unrealistic” to expect more roads to be built to ease congestion. The council, he said, couldn’t afford a survey into how to improve things, indeed the council cannot even afford to submit a planning application for a Park-and-Ride scheme. Brave, plain speaking you might think especially as the local council elections are coming up in May, but then the voters of this town would vote for a smelly dead dog with a red rosette rather change their ways.

For sale: One vote; never been used.

21 Feb
EU flags on Castle Street, Hull

To assuage the snarling, swivel-eyed, hoopleheaded little englanders otherwise known as the Conservative Party the utterly pointless prime minister has called a completely unnecessary referendum, in June, on whether the UK stays in the EU. I, like I suspect vast swathes of the country, couldn’t give a monkey’s arse one way or the other. I don’t think it’ll make a great deal of difference either in or out. So, on the principle (if you can call it that) of doing the opposite of what the Government wants me to do I’m going to vote for out … but let me be clear I am not unreasonable and I am open to persuasion for a reasonable fee (cash only). Good grief there’s going to be months and months of this boring euro-twaddle … if I hear the word ‘Brexit’ again I don’t think I can answer for the consequences!