Archive | August, 2015

Day of the Dog

31 Aug

Seems I missed Dog Day last Wednesday so here’s a likely mutt that thought I was its owner and ran the whole length of Snuff Mill Lane to meet and greet only to be very disappointed. 

"Some feel the rain. Others just get wet"

29 Aug

and some have enough sense to get out of the rain …

Margot wishes it to be known that she took the top picture. There now you know.

A little taphophilia

28 Aug
Western cemetery, Hull

The Weekend in Black and White is here.

Fly into the light

27 Aug
Ella Street, Hull

Playtime is over

26 Aug
Alexandra Road, Hull

Playground Decoration

25 Aug
Alexandra Road, Hull

The iconic view from from Sammy’s Point

3 Aug

I don’t know if you local paper has a buzz word that it uses over and over despite the writer not having a clue what the word means. With the local rag here that word is ‘iconic’. So every old building becomes iconic, bridges become iconic, fried mashed potato patties become iconic, the very snot from kid’s noses is a runny green iconic splurge. So, in the manner of the iconic Hull Daily Mail, we have here on the left in the background the iconic Humber Bridge, moving across Hull’s iconic water front, the soon-to-be iconic C4DI building, the obviously iconic Holy Trinity, the newly iconic Millennium Bridge and the gloriously iconic Tidal Barrier. I’m standing in front of the iconic Deep and I realise I forgot to mention the iconic River Hull and iconic Humber with attendant iconic mud. Those clouds passing by, yup, part of the iconic Hull sky …