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Hanging around

30 Jun

This poor girl has been hanging around with the blood going to her head for over a year now and by rights I should have posted this last year with all the others from the day given over to celebrate Hull’s selection as the City of Culture (here). But I didn’t and so luckily for me (and for you, my joyful reader!) I can post it for this month’s collection of all things upside down by the people at City Daily Photo.


30 Jun

I think the heat may be getting to me and it’s only the first day of what is billed (by weather people with big smiles you would love to hit with a wet fish) as a heatwave. Well I know 28°C is hardly going to cook your brains but I do NOT do hot. I’ll probably aestivate if it carries on much longer… 

It seems I spoke too soon

29 Jun

The non-going drama of the repairs to Victoria Pier continues to enthral spectators. It’s been eighteen months now of non-stop inactivity. In March I wondered whether the arrival of these large beams meant that the end of the road was in sight. I need not have worried. 

Don’t ask me ….

27 Jun

..’cos I haven’t a clue. This fragile rusting thing attached to some boards hangs in an alley off Humber Street. I can make out the words ‘The Monitor Loops’ or perhaps ‘The Loops Monitor’. It obviously meant something to someone at some time.

Big Lifter

26 Jun

The mess that is Humber Street clearly requires some heavy lifting and in a narrow street a big crane has to go up and over both sides to get the new metal work in place. Even with this machine the street will no doubt still be an array of scaffolding and supports by the time of the Humber Street Sesh in August when thousands will descend upon it in search of entertainment.

Funerary Angel

26 Jun
It’s been a while since I posted anything for the taphophiles amongst you. Here is the final resting place of one William Henry Smith who died in 1900 aged 48. This angel in Spring Bank General Cemetery has featured before a few years ago in a rear view here.

The weekend in black and white is here.

K is for kippers, of course

24 Jun

Further fishy fun on Posterngate at Number 9, I think.