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Thin red line

30 Jun

A few years back, when they were digging the Hull hole and generally tidying up the area around Princes Dock someone had the bright idea of outlining the old city walls (see the blog’s title picture for an idea of what these looked like) in red bricks which explains these lines, squares and circular markings by the dockside.



That big old "Thank You, Hull" party

29 Jun

They seemed to be packing a whole year’s worth of ‘culture’ into one afternoon in Hull yesterday. The day started with the Lord mayor’s parade complete with a fly past of some WW2 planes which I saw from two miles away while getting my newspapers, those three planes made one hell of a racket, no stealth bombers back then.

I wouldn’t normally attend things like this but I had to go into town for stuff anyway so I had a little look-see. I only stayed for an hour and missed most of the goodies on offer including a “Larkin Toads performance” (I bet that was fun). Here in no particular order are some of the goings-on that I witnessed. 

Synchronised Lindy Hopping!

Where’s the next act gone?

A robot that prints on the pavement

If you’re wondering what the “thank you” is for it’s a  City of Culture thing and if you’re still wondering what a City of Culture thing is I suggest lying down in a cool dark room with soothing music. If these images aren’t sufficient the local rag has more pictures here.

Old Tracks

28 Jun

There are still bits of the old narrow gauge rail that used to run around the old Humber dock that is now the Marina. (I’ve been told it’s standard gauge, clearly I know nothing of rail tracks)

The weekend in black and white is here.

10:10 pm

27 Jun

You all know that old saying “red sky at night, shepherd’s delight …” bunkum! It’s pouring down …


26 Jun

You might have heard that Hull is to be the City of Culture in 2017 and I may have mentioned that Humber Street with its old greengrocers’ warehouses was becoming a centre for the arts …yada yada. Well the reality is that not much is actually going on there and many of the warehouses and buildings remain unused and in parts in a frankly disgusting state (see yesterday’s post). Sure over the years I’ve read of countless plans to do the place up but in fact proposals to re-use these buildings are only just now going before the Council. 
If you’re in Hull on Saturday there’s a big ‘Thank You’ party being put on to thank the people of Hull for, well I don’t quite know what, not chucking rotten eggs the 2017 C of C zealots I suppose, it’s not as if they had any say in the matter. Only another 900 or so more days of this … 

Old town delights

25 Jun

Tourists and other assorted visitors to Hull are often told to stroll around the old town and take in the wonderful ambience of the place. Well come with me as I lead you down Martin’s Alley, a ‘must see’ attraction, gasp at the razor wire, taste the culinary delight left out for any passer-by, marvell at the up-to-date refuse collection and gaze in awe at  the strange signs left lying around to trip up the unwary … I’m sure you’ll feel truly uplifted by this experience, do come and visit again.

On the huh

23 Jun
Flemingate, Beverley

This old house is not quite jizzicked but it’s definitely on the huh.