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Humber Quays Plaza

31 Jan

Taken on Tuesday, a particularly wet and windy old day when not a soul apart from one man and his (very large) dog was to be met down by the Humber Quays. Though I got a bit wet and my hands turned purple with the chill I’d still much rather be out and about than stuck in one of these places.

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Cemetery Road

30 Jan

You might think that old bones could rest in peace without being troubled by the progress of the modern world. Well you need to think again. Here’s Holy Trinity’s burial ground on Castle Street, in use from 1784 to 1861 to take what might be called the overflow from HT’s churchyard. It’s a bit of a rundown neglected place often the haunt of drunks, drug addicts and the flotsam and jetsam of humanity. Many of the brick vaults are falling down, tombstones now lie strewn on the ground and ivy flourishes as it should in these places. In short it’s how you’d expect a cemetery to be that hasn’t been used for over a hundred and fifty years. Now the place is doomed to be cut in half by the proposed Castle Street improvements which will rip through what you see here. Up to 11,000 burials might be affected and they will all have to be exhumed and reburied elsewhere. It’s reckoned it take over a year just to do this. Oh and say goodbye to the trees (and the roosting bats that live here) as well.

Komplete Control

29 Jan

The local phone/internet company’s building has had a bit of a makeover. It used to look like this. Hardly a stunning improvement.
Readers of this blog may be aware that the local football ground is called the KC Stadium. Last week this local monopoly entered into a deal with Hull Kingston Rovers (a rugby league club, m’lud) and in so doing the name of HKR’s ground, Craven Park, will now become KC Lightstream Stadium. Coming soon the deal to change Carr Lane to KC Street and Hull to KC City of Culture (it’s already happening here).

Lift that gloom

28 Jan

Ring out the bells, strike up the band, etc etc. The news today is filled with facts and figure showing this scepter’d isle, this earth of majesty, is the fastest growing economy in Europe if not the whole world … Difficult to believe as I shuffle round the deserted streets with boarded up shops and see the young folks going to sign on for their pittance; if this is the best then god help the rest.
This is looking across the marina entrance towards Holy Trinity on a day of driving showers and unremitting clouds.

Survival of the fittest

27 Jan

It was in March last year that I found it odd that there were two keep-fit establishments practically within spitting distance of each other. The locked gates and concrete road blocks are proof, if it were needed, that was only room for one after all.


26 Jan
East Park
Looking the other way from yesterday’s post these are the ornamental flower beds that make such a colourful display in high Summer but are resting just now.

Winter trees

25 Jan
East Park, Hull

So far it’s not been  much of a Winter to be honest more a prolonged slightly chilly Autumn with mild winds and bouts of rain. Hardly any frosts. It’s been so mild I’ve not been wearing my trademark woolly hat.

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