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Princes Dock after dark

30 Nov

With these early sunsets I suppose I’d better practice taking shots at night but I won’t be carrying a tripod round with me, too much faffing about. Here’s a few from around Princes Dock, I don’t think they’re too shaky, a little grainy maybe but I’m sure there’s a cure for that. Change the ISO I’m thinking. Maybe if I read the manual I’d know all the tricks of the camera …


Never Yawn

29 Nov

It’s been a while (in May actually, who knows where that old time goes?) since I’ve been round the Humber Street area so coming across this artwork/graffiti on Martin’s Alley was a pleasant surprise. It’s just about all that remains now of this year’s Hull Sesh a Summer festival that attracts thousands to this part of town. If the picture looks a bit dull that’s because taking photos at four pm on a late November day is probably not a good idea as the sunsets at about quarter to four ….

Xmas and all that jazz

28 Nov

After yesterday’s village illuminations here’s how the big town lights up. Above is Whitefriargate with its canopy of  glittery delight. The tree in Queen Victoria Square this year changes colour every few seconds and I must admit is probably the best tree for many years, someone had the bright idea of turning off the nearby street lights so it shows off better. I remember one year the tree was so puny it had to be replaced and on the whole the trees have been a bit of a disappointment. Not that I’m that much into Xmas and all that jazz, you understand, but if you’re going to do it at all you may as do it well.. 

Four weeks to go

27 Nov

Here’s a sample of Cottingham’s seasonal lights which are generally admitted to be far superior to those of the neighbouring big town.

What a waste

26 Nov

OK this is another rubbish post … I liked the peeling paint and dribbling rust on the pillar. This is somewhere off Clough Road in the back of beyond.

The Adelphi Club

25 Nov

A few days ago I casually posted a massive bomb atop the Adelphi Club without saying anything about the actual club. This was remiss of me as the Adelphi is one of Hull’s cultural hotspots. The Adelphi Club on De Grey Street looks like a terraced house that’s because it is or was a terraced house. It opened twenty-six years ago because the owner wanted to go downstairs in his home and see a band play. Over the years it has grown the reputation as a premier underground music club. Its charm has to be its small size and the Bus bar (don’t ask).

Meet the new bank, same as the old bank.

24 Nov

A few months ago this Lloyds bank turned overnight into a TSB. This, I’ve read, was to increase competition among the retail banks (no, I couldn’t believe that either). I doubt it’ll make much difference to one man and his dog.