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But what’s all this in East Park?

31 Oct

As if the good folks of Hull haven’t just had a whole week of fun fairs another mini-fair springs up on my favourite tree lined avenue. Something to do with Hallowe’en and all that jazz no doubt. Well it was only a tiny part of the park used up so I suppose I mustn’t grumble much.

The word tacky seems the most accurate description of  fun fairs.

I thought this land train was particularly tasteful.


Autumn in East Park

30 Oct

I don’t have much attraction to east Hull, it’s a fairly bleak and dismal place with few attractions. But it does have East Park and at this time of year with the sun heading down it’s a most pleasant place.

Driffield Navigation

28 Oct

No visit to Driffield would be complete without a quick check that the canal is still there. You never know they might have sold it off to some sovereign wealth fund along with every other asset in this country.


26 Oct

Driffield’s ancient All Saints Church has a fine selection of small family friendly gargoyles. Here’s a couple of the cutest. These look to be in remarkably good condition and I suspect they may be modern (when I say modern I mean Victorian) replacements as the church was extensively restored by Gilbert Scott in the late 1870’s. 

Driffield Church

26 Oct

This is the fifteenth century tower of All Saints Church, Driffield taken against the light, in fact against all that opticians advise, straight into the sun. 
The Weekend in Black and White continues here.

Cat on a cool car roof

25 Oct

This cool black cat saw me from a distance and kept staring straight through me in the way cats do. Seemed only reasonable to take his picture. The church reflected is Driffield church.

Autumn Glow

24 Oct

A touch of Autumn gold from the trees at the end of my street. 
Never trust the weather forecast. My last post tended slightly toward a diluvian apocalypse well, what do you know, it didn’t rain at all and was fine all day and today is bright blue skies and sunshine. But tomorrow we are definitely promised more rain, believe when I see it.