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Street Lights

31 Jul

This triplet of spherical lamps illuminate King Edward Street. The background is the BHS mural that I showed a long time ago here.

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"Even the mud is beautiful." Yeah, right …

31 Jul

Here, for completeness, is the view from the new swing bridge looking south towards Myton Bridge and the flood defence thingy. 
I’ve heard of plays, films and books and so on being reviewed but never a bridge; that is until I came across a piece on the Guardian website reviewing the new Scale Lane Bridge. It’s full of the usual meaningless reviewspeak phrases, “As well as being a place, it’s an event …”(?), “Scale Lane bridge is not just a way of getting from A to B, but something in itself. “(???) and the usual ‘Hull is really a dump but we’re not allowed to say so’ comments, “Hull is the city whose misfortune is to sit on a word ladder between dull and hell, and whose associations with Philip Larkin and John Prescott link it to misery and unloveliness, most of which negativity is unfair.“(Oh no it’s not!) What is missing is any sense of the sheer ugliness of the thing, the massive waste of money and it’s complete and utter uselessness apart from being a place to take pictures like this. 
OK rant over.

Arctic Corsair

30 Jul
Here’s another view of the old trawler Arctic Corsair moored, if that’s the right word for a boat that’s firmly stuck in the mud, by the museum quarter. This is taken from Hull’s new swing bridge which has already acquired its own reputation for attracting ne’er-do-wells; some have been reported jumping into the river during hot weather. Personally I say leave them there, better drowned than duffers, if not duffers won’t drown.

Propping up the bank

29 Jul

This former bank on the corner of Pendrill Street and Beverley Road has been empty for years. It’s been propped up even longer ever since a bomb landed next door during that little local difficulty we had with our German friends some time back. For those who like a sense of geographical completeness this is opposite the Aldi store I posted last week.

More marble and mosaic

28 Jul

Well here’s the picture I was taking the other day when I was interrupted by our friends from eastern Europe. This is yet another old Jackson’s store, now Sainsbury’s, showing the marble and mosaic facade that was such a common feature of these stores. There I told you it was boring.

You take our picture?

27 Jul

So I’m taking a fairly boring picture on Newland Avenue when suddenly my camera, which has face recognition, goes crazy as these two guys were bobbing up and down in front of me. Would I take their picture? Why, of course! Turns out they were Polish and had clearly been enjoying a Friday afternoon in July and might have little recollection of this. 
I’ll show the boring picture tomorrow.

Capital P

26 Jul

At the corner of Princes Avenue and Spring Bank the newly painted and recently relaunched Pearsons pub is all that it appears to be. A late 1990’s attempt at the 1870’s Victorian look that fails miserably; so that what was an attempt to blend in becomes quite an eyesore. Better to have built something modern than this throwback. The pub originally opened as the Old Zoological which was also a bit cheeky considering the original Zoological built in about 1840/50 (and a right old dive if ever there was one) was demolished several years before this newcomer.