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I came across a wedding

31 Aug
All lined up in a wedding group
 ‘Ere we are for a photograph 
We’re all dressed up in a morning suit 
All trying hard not to laugh
I took this a while ago and never had a chance to use it until  the monthly theme for  City Daily Photo landed on ‘people watching’. The bride looks a picture if a tad worried and the groom … well, where is the groom? Maybe’s he’s done a runner.
You can find other ‘people watchings ‘ here. If you use Facebook then you can find links on the group page here.

Zion, sorry not interested

30 Aug

Here’s yet another church or chapel or whatever they call them, in Cottingham. It’s a URC building and it’s also on the same street as the CofE and Methodist churches so whatever flavour of English protestantism is your fancy you should find satisfaction here. I suspect however that like over 95% of the population (including myself) you aren’t interested in anything they have to offer.

Upside down or sideways?

29 Aug

Took this in January and somehow never got round to putting it on here. I turned it this way ‘cos I thought it looked more interesting, if you don’t like it perhaps sideways might suit you. I often think that Hull might be greatly improved if was turned upside down and given a good shake.

Don’t sit there like a dummy

28 Aug
Earlier this year Peacocks, a clothing retailer, went into administration. This branch on Whitefriargate was emptied out apart from some mannequins which were left artfully posed no doubt by disgruntled staff.

The Summer’s gone

27 Aug
Next week it’s back-to-school for these likely lads. No more doing what you like and spending all day by the fish pond; no it’s book learning and hard graft from now on ….

West Bulls’ Bus Stop

26 Aug
While waiting for the bus you can take a seat, turn your back on the world and watch the hedge grow!
West Bulls is the name of the pub you can just about see in the background. It in turn takes its name from a farm whose land was built on when the road on the left in the distance was created.

Coifi – a potted history

25 Aug
Coifi was a pagan priest at a temple in Goodmanham near York in the early 7th century. So what is he doing on the walls of Beverley’s ever-so-Christian Minster? The story, as far as I can glean from the web, is that Edwin of Northumbria was thinking about converting to Christianity so he asked old Coifi for some advice. I paraphrase his response as paganism hasn’t done us any good so why not give Christianity a go? I get the feeling he was having a mid-life crisis. Then, and here it gets a bit strange, Coifi  took off on a war stallion carrying a war-axe or a spear and a sword depending on who you believe (being a pagan priest he wasn’t allowed to do any of these things), rode to the temple and threw the weapons inside. Apparently this was a big pagan no-no. Seeing that nothing untoward happened he then burned the temple down for good measure. Edwin converted to Christianity but it didn’t do him much good because he was defeated by old fashioned pagans at the battle of Hatfield Chase a few years later. Anyway here is Coifi immortalised for losing his faith and a spot of arson.

You can read an extended and possibly more cogent version of this here.