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30 Jun

One swallow does not make a Summer and neither , it seems, do four or five. Rain totals show it’s been the wettest second quarter on record and quite possibly the wettest June ever; although it’s not been too bad in Hull other places have had flooding and even tornadoes! 
As it’s the first of the month it’s theme day for City Daily Photo with ‘chimneys’ as the chosen theme. Click here to see other participants. If that link doesn’t work try here or the Facebook group here.

The Wind Mill Hotel, Witham

29 Jun

Witham is a road that runs from the river to Holderness Road. I suppose at one time it was a prosperous place but now it’s totally depressing. The main business apart from the large Council offices seems to be the used car trade with its attendant ‘Arthur Daley’ dealerships. Stuck on the end of Witham and looking a bit the worse for wear is the Wind Mill Hotel. It was built towards the end of 19th century as was much of this area. Its chief attraction is the fine tile work the surrounds the ground floor walls. It’s a Grade 2 listed building and I have read that it’s the best night out in Hull for the over 35s which I find difficult to credit.

Books and Baths

28 Jun
Another stitch up (maybe I should get a really wide angle lens). This time we have on the right the old James Reckitt library now closed and moved to new buildings further up the road. On the left the East Hull Pools which boasts heated swimming pools, the very height of decadence. Both were built towards the latter end of the 19th century and stand in splendid isolation on Holderness Road.

Ghosts on Holderness Road

27 Jun
I’ve stitched three shots together here with the result of strange ghosts in the final image. This is the western end of Holderness Road and it’s in a pretty dire state. That whole row is due for either demolition or redevelopment of some sort (see link here). The only shop still trading is a pawnbrokers cum body piercing shop; it’s that kind of area. In the dim distance is the building I showed you here

Wet day in Hull

26 Jun
This is the view from the Streetlife Transport Museum. As you can see it was a very rainy day. The trawler you can see is the Arctic Corsair which I’ve shown before here. You can go and look around the boat with free guided tours, details are here.

Lady Chesterfield’s Sleigh

25 Jun
Here’s the oddest thing I came across in the Transport Museum the other day. It’s described as elaborately carved and highly decorative and apparently Lady Chesterfield used it for pleasure driving on her estate. Lady C. in case you are wondering was the daughter of Charles Henry Wilson, 1st Baron Nunburnholme. Now can you see the connection with Hull street life? No, neither can I.

Put Out More Flags

24 Jun
Here’s the Railway pub in Cottingham all decked out in Ingerland flags for some football competition that’s going on somewhere or other in Europe. 
Stop Press: England lost to Italy (on penalties as usual). Oh well, never mind, I wasn’t that interested anyway.