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Lords Feoffes’ Clock

30 May

Again on King Street, this splendid three faced clock was presented by the Lords Feoffes and Assistants of the Manor of Bridlington. The Lords Feoffes etc are a charitable trust set up in 1636, our trusty friend Wikipedia will tell you more here. About the clock I know nothing and before you ask the pictures weren’t taken at the same time or even in the same year!


Pig’s Snout

29 May

From the online Oxford Dictionary:

 Pronunciation: /grɔɪn/
(US groin)
a low wall or sturdy timber barrier built out into the sea from a beach to check erosion and drifting.
late 16th century: from dialect groin ‘snout’, from Old French groign, from late Latin grunium ‘pig’s snout’, from Latin grunnire ‘to grunt’ “
Learn something new every day …


28 May

On the edge of Beverley Westwood lies an area called Burton Bushes, it’s said to be the remains of a primeval forest. It’s also a great place to find wild bluebells.


27 May

Again this is a bit of a cheat since it, too, is in Bridlington; indeed on the same street, King Street, as yesterday’s offering. This winged lion bearing the triple crown shield of Hull is on the public library.

Hull Cooperative

26 May
Just to confuse you this Hull Coop is actually in Bridlington and it’s no longer a Cooperative store, it’s a dry cleaners I believe. It is in King Street and it was built in 1913. It’s a skinny long building that runs along a passage way to Charity Lane. Today no-one would dream of building a retail outlet with all these frills and in marble too.

Private Land

25 May

This ominous sign might make you wary of some dangerous horses until you realise it’s just these dozy creatures I showed you before here.

Two Humber Quays

24 May
Some time back I posted about One Humber Quays well right next door is Two Humber Quays. It’s another block of offices, meh!


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