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31 Mar

This being April 1st some fool came up with the idea of ‘cobbles’ as the theme for the City Daily Photo Blog. Other fools voted for it and so there we are…
This is Bishop Lane Staithe in the old town it dates back to at least 1392 when it is first mentioned on some rental records, it’s probably older than that. It’s an narrow passage leading to the river where cargoes were unloaded. If you want to know more there’s an excellent page here.
Due to an act of vandalism the usual CDPB site is not available. To view other offerings on the theme of cobbles try here.


We have moved …

30 Mar
…across the street. Unless you’ve been an eremite of the old persuasion you will be aware of certain recent failings in the ‘banking system’. Here the Bradford & Bingley stands empty; its business taken over by Santander has been moved to the old Alliance & Leicester. All that remains is a ghostly stain … a monument to greed and stupidity.


29 Mar

Around the corner from the Charterhouse is Bourne Street which has nothing much to boast about other than a view of  this alignment of columns and towers. From left to right: the Wilberforce monument, the spire of St Mary, Lowgate, the old Records Office and finally the Guildhall.

Charterhouse Reflections

28 Mar

Surrounded by the decay and demise of Hull’s riverside industries, is an oasis of calm and tranquillity. This is the Charterhouse built by Sir Michael de la Pole in 1384 to house “13 poor men and 13 poor women, feeble or old”. The original house was knocked down during the war, not the last war, but the Civil War in 1643 or thereabouts. It was rebuilt, knocked down and rebuilt as you see it in 1780. It is still a home for elderly with 34 apartments.
The poet and MP for Hull, Andrew Marvell lived here as his dad was master of the Charterhouse from 1624 to1640.

Drink in Moderation ….

27 Mar

 or else feel ….

Two practically adjacent watering holes on Carr lane.

Too good to last

26 Mar

Toogood Street has no buildings now and serves little purpose as it runs along the side of  land drain. In fact so useless is it that ten years ago the council applied to have it stopped up on the ground that it is no longer necessary for public use! This seems a bit of a sad ending for such a wonderfully named street.

The strange looking device is connected with clearing out  the drain which enters the river Hull nearby. 


25 Mar
This sign is on the doors of the old Trinity House Boathouse on Tower Street ( here ).