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Big fat juicy ones, Eensie weensy squeensy ones, See how they wiggle and squirm!

29 Feb

If you want to catch the big fish you need to dig up the big worms. This young man seems to have excavated half Bridlington beach in his search for lugworms.


Beach Steps

28 Feb
Maybe not quite in the league of the Odessa steps but nevertheless a fine descent to the sandy delights of Bridlington’s north beach.

Low Tide

27 Feb
At low tide the small boats rest on the mud of Bridlington’s harbour. The tidemark on the harbour wall shows how high the water rises.

Seen better days

26 Feb

Sadly the economy can no longer afford even a cheap and cheerful store like Nixie Plonks which gave up the ghost last year. Here it was in “better” days.

Sand , Sea and Sky

25 Feb
This was Bridlington on Thursday morning. It was really low tide; at high tide where I was standing is under water.

‘Tis new to thee

24 Feb


Meet the new Hull; same as the old Hull.

The Street of the Keeping of Hens

23 Feb
Hengate in Beverley is a busy little ratrun across town. A sign nearby informs the passing tourist that Hengate gets its name from the keeping of hens in olden days, well I think we might have guessed that. On Hengate  is a pub known to all and sundry as Nellie’s; I know it’s got a sign saying White Horse Inn, it’s just called Nellie’s, ok, just don’t ask awkward questions.