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Sea of gold …

31 Jan
alas no, just a fancy sunset on the Humber earlier this month.


30 Jan
This is the footbridge over the tracks at Beverley station. This is a posh bridge, it’s covered, usually you’re open to the elements as you cross.

There’s a seat that shapes our ends, rough hewn though it may be…

29 Jan
Here an old tree is put to use as a resting place for tired beings in Cottingham Dean.

Old Church

28 Jan
This is St Mary’s on Lowgate which I’ve shown bits of before( 1 & 2 ); here’s the southern side.  The original church dates from early 14th century though it’s been knocked about a bit by a local lord of the manor who thought it was spoiling his view. To me the tower looks to be out of proportion and it turns out it was added later and built across the pavement.

H & H 500 not out …

27 Jan

Well if you were landing in Hull five hundred or more years ago here is where you would come ashore; Rotenhering Staith. The name is thought to derive, not from old fish as you might have thought, but from a family who went by this unfortunate name and lived nearby and quite possibly owned the staith as well. The sign is at a jaunty angle, typical of the style of so many signs in this town.

Blogger tells me this is the 500th post, when I started I didn’t think there could possibly be five hundred things to say about the place. Ah well, ’til tomorrow then ….

Under the bridge

26 Jan

This is where the A63 gets lifted up and over High Street and the river Hull. The sloping ground is ideal for skateboarding and other nefarious activities. It also abounds in bollards.


25 Jan
I think whoever designs the roads and pavements of this town has a unquestioning reverence bordering on an unhealthy fetish for bollards. They seem to crop up in the most unlikely places and appear to serve no purpose; and because one bollard by itself would look a wee bit dumb we get whole lines of them. Maybe they come down at night and play leapfrog.