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Hull Interchange

30 Nov
If you arrive in Hull by coach this is where you will debus. This is a much fancier place than the old windswept car park that coaches used to arrive at and I suppose it does give a better first impression. This shot shows how the new bus station has taken over part of the rail station; if you go through the station you end up here.

Hepworth’s Arcade

29 Nov
Tucked away beside the market is this little gem; a Victorian arcade of small shops selling all sorts from jewellery and hi-fi to harmonicas and itching powder! It was built in 1894 for a Leeds tailor called Hepworth. It looks brand new after a sympathetic renovation a few years ago.


28 Nov

This structure (yet another award winning example of the concrete pourer’s art) carries traffic across town; it’s that good old A63 that I’ve mentioned so many times before. Here it’s been given a lift over a roundabout on Hessle Road.

Green Bricks

27 Nov
Sometimes it pretty obvious how a pub gets its name. This one is by the Humber Dock.

Hairy Horse

26 Nov
There’s a real problem with horses in Hull. It’s quite common to find horses tethered on strips of grass beside roadways or on grassy areas in housing estates even school playing fields. The Council are now confiscating the horses and their owners have to pay a fee to get them back. I can’t understand why people would own up to a dozen or more horse and have no land on which to graze them.

The friendly fellow is quite safe though; he’s in a field near my house

Rose and Crown

25 Nov
You might imagine that this is a fine olde English pub out of the Elizabethan age and , in a way , you’d be right. There’s been a pub of sorts here for over 400 years but the building you see here is fine old mock Tudor from the 1930s. Never mind, if you fancy a day at Beverley Races then the Rose and Crown is but a short walk from the racecourse.  

Heads on back to front

24 Nov

I suppose for some a grave vandalised is a bit sickening; in Hull it’s par for the course. This little statue is lucky to have been put back together even if it is somewhat wrongly oriented.