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The Rex

31 Oct
There was a time when every neighbourhood in Hull would have its Rex; the launderette of the unwashed masses. This one is on Anlaby Road. Now washing machines are cheaper launderettes are slowly going out out of fashion. I spent many an hour watching my washing go round and round, then carried it all home in a big plastic bag that invariably ripped a bit … no, I don’t miss it all.

Creating a greener city

30 Oct
Hull City Council’s well chosen sponsors are experts at recycling.

Bus nut heaven

29 Oct
It wasn’t until I had seen them several times standing outside the back entrance to the new bus station that I realised there were people who liked to ‘spot’ buses. There they would be with their little notebooks and cameras noting and photographing every bus as it passed. A harmless pastime I suppose; certainly no worse than taking a picture of your city and posting it on a blog every day.

St Stephens Shopping Centre

28 Oct

Here’s the backdoor to St Stephens. After four years all the shops are now let out and the place is attracting 10 million visitors a year ( if you believe Wikipedia). If you go to the very first posting in this fine blog you will see the other side of this shopping mall.

Maritime Museum

26 Oct
Ok, I’ve shown this building before but I think this is a particularly fine shot. Go ahead click to enlarge.

Red Car

25 Oct

Please drive carefully

24 Oct