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What’s that?

30 Sep

You can find out here.
There’ll no doubt be more mysterious objects over at City Daily Photos monthly theme. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

Blame It on the Bossa Nova

29 Sep
There will be no more salsa nights at Pier Luigi’s since it closed in October last year, a victim of the recession and the banksters’ greed. I passed it the other day and this was the only sign of the once thriving Italian restaurant on Princes Avenue. The builders had moved in and were busy ‘doing up’ the place.

The Albert Memorial

28 Sep
If you scroll down to yesterday’s posting you’ll see a statue of a young Queen Victoria looking slightly to her left no doubt trying to glimpse her beloved Albert who stands fifty or so yards away and hidden by some shrubbery. The plaque is a fine example of Victorian oleaginous sycophancy. The statue was erected in 1868, seven years after the one to Queen Vic. You’d have thought they’d have put them closer together, poor old girl must have a crick in her neck after all these years.

Park Shots

28 Sep
 With temperatures well above average the park is a good place to take your granny for a walk,

 or go for a ride on your bike,
or catch up with the latest news and gossip.

Boom Town

27 Sep

A recent report stated that one in four shops in Hull were closed. Here on King Edward Street half the shops on this side are closed and showing no sign of being opened in the near future. To darken the economic skies further nearly 900 well paid engineering jobs are to be lost at a nearby BAE factory. North Hull has the highest ratio of jobseekers to opportunities in the country. Still to come the effects of the government’s austerity measurements….Oh yeah, Hull is booming.
Something brighter tomorrow… jam perhaps.

Things to do while breathing your life away

25 Sep
I was waiting outside Marks & Spencer the other day slowly breathing my life away when I looked up and saw a reflection across the street. “Hmm”, I thought, “if I move a few feet this way then …they all line up nicely.”

Heads of Banking

24 Sep

The main branch of HSBC in Whitefriargate is an imposing Victorian building that has these magnificent heads adorning it. I could have shown eleven separate but a collage is better I feel and in keeping with the one photo a day ethos of City Daily Photo.