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Am I not a Man and a Brother?

28 Feb

I know very little about this statue, who made it or when. Clearly  it’s related in some way to the abolitionist medallion made by Wedgewood entitled “Am I not a Man and a Brother”. It is to be found in the garden of Wilberforce House.

Museum reflections

27 Feb
The Guildhall and Law Courts reflected in the Transport Museums specially darkened windows. One day I might actually go inside.

Angels Old and New

26 Feb
 The Angel on Butcher Row, Beverley has changed its sign. The new one is above, the old below. I think I prefer the old one.

Cottingham fashion week

25 Feb
The latest in equine garb on display showing the traditional through to the more risqué …

Beverley Station

24 Feb
This Grade2 listed station was built in 1846. It’s not the busiest place on the rail network with only two trains an hour going north and the same number heading south.
At one time you could catch trains to York from here but that line was closed by the infamous Beeching axe. There were plans to reopen the York branch line but that was before the banks stole all our money. 


23 Feb
I believe that you can buy lens filters to produce a starburst effect but just pointing the camera at the sun through trees seems to work just as well. This was taken on the Westwood Beverley.

Warehouse Living

22 Feb
A Victorian riverside warehouse has been converted into apartments. I’m not sure I would like to live here considering that it is next door to the North Bridge (below) a busy connection between west and east Hull.