Archive | November, 2010


30 Nov
The sudden drop in temperatures has forced a rush to shed this year’s leaves. It’s forecast that we shall have record low temperatures this week along with lots of snow and it’s still Autumn.

Tracks in the snow

29 Nov
A spell of wintry weather is always an opportunity for a photo.


28 Nov

Three grotesques from near the entrance to Bridlington Priory.

University of Lincoln, Hull

27 Nov
The question why there is a University of Lincoln in Hull need not detain you as the place is closing in a year or two leaving an large empty building in the centre of town. You can’t have too many empty office blocks.

Princes Quay Reflections

26 Nov
Reflecting the old warehouse on Posterngate I showed you some time back here.


25 Nov
The Syntan was built in 1949 to carry coal and raw materials to the tanneries of Beverley. This ended in 1970 and the ship lay idle for nearly 20 years until restored and made into a working exhibition on Beverley Beck. You can hire the Syntan for trips down the river Hull and onto the Humber. You’re thinking there’s got to be a website about this somewhere and it’s here.

Syntan is “a contraction of “synthetic tannins,” which are chemicals that combine with, or affect, the protein constituents of hides and skins and produce a product that is flexible, porous, and has the desirable qualities of leather”  says this site. So now you know as much as me.

Nixie Plonks

24 Nov
Strange name for a shop, Nixie Plonks, . The story goes that when the owner was a little girl she would pester her father for sweets and treats; and his response was always “I’ve got nixie plonk for you”. The shop is on Queen Street and sells all kinds of bit and bobs and as the sign says the prices are right.