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Underneath the spreading chestnut tree

31 May
The Westwood, Beverley 

Pirate Bay

30 May

You could let yourself go and abandon all sense of what is called “common sense” and take a wee trip round the bay with these Depp lookalikes

Home from the sea

29 May


28 May
Had an afternoon in Bridlington, came across this Hitchcock scene on the fishing pier.

I’m beginning to see the light ….

27 May

Chapel Lane 

Mermaid Fountain

26 May
At some time in the 1870s life in Hull was so unexciting that it was decided to liven things up a bit by installing a set of six mermaid fountains in what was then the rich part of town, the Avenues. Over the years these beauties have been moved around, destroyed,  rebuilt and become part of the community. I hear strange things happen around here on New Year’s Eve ….
This picture shows the Westbourne Avenue fountain, just visible in the distance is Park Avenue’s version. Recently a working mermaid fountain was installed on the Boulevard but I haven’t been to that see that yet. 
If you’re interested in the rebuilding process there’s a website here.


25 May
This is the other end of Lowgate seen through the entrance to St Mary the Virgin , an old church dating back to the early 14th century. Dimly in the background lurks the statute I featured yesterday. Lowgate houses many law firms and so on; this may be because the Crown Court is at one end and the Magistrates’ Court at the other, what do you think?